Conceptualizing LifeArk


What is LifeArk

LifeArk is a revolutionary family time capsule created to help parents share love and life experiences with their kids. It is the safe, private space where families navigate the digital realm and grow together.

Our Mission

Help families safely maintain meaningful, lasting and significant relationships online.

The Problem Facing Parents

Technology has produced a strange reality — we have products, apps, and solutions to manage every relationship we make in our lives, except the most important.

Our memories and “digital DNA” are fragmented, with images of ourselves scattered between email, social media, text message and the cloud. We share intimate details of our lives with distant friends, politicians, advertisers and strangers on public commercial platforms, but have no way to organize and share what matters most with our kids.

What if we used technology to focus our attention on the people that matter? What if there was a way families to navigate the digital realm?

Now there is. LifeArk is a space dedicated to the people and experiences that matter; the place where families navigate the internet and educate children about the future, present and past of the world they belong to.

How LifeArk works

Combining the best features of email, social media and narrative journaling, LifeArk helps parents create and share meaningful content on a variety of subjects with their children at the time of their choosing.

Through an intuitive interface, prompts and guided questions, users create original, family-focused content (organized thematically and proven to strengthen family bonds) which is shared with kids, grandkids, friends, and relatives at a time, place or life event of their choosing.

By answering self-reflective, thought-provoking questions such as your definitions of love and happiness, how you've dealt with life's difficulties, the principles, people and experiences that shaped your life - we help paint a thematic portrait of who you are, and share your private posts at a time of your choosing via a private companion app (LifeArk Jr) for your kids.

Who LifeArk is for

Expecting and new parents

Parents of tweens about to get their first phones

Anyone looking to foster healthy journaling, reflection, mindfulness, and gratitude practices.


Divorced parents with shared custody, living in dispersed or extended families.

Military moms and dads, parents working high-risk jobs, with health issues or concerned about longevity.  


LifeArk is a private digital space. We don't run ads or share user data with any outside third-parties. Our team has taken every step to ensure that your data is stored on encrypted servers shared only with whom you choose.

Freemium vs. Pro

LifeArk has libraries of self-reflective, thought-provoking questions on topics such as love and happiness, guiding principles, and the people, passions and experiences that influence your life. Pro Accounts ($3.75 / month or $45 / year) offer unlimited storage, full access to suggested category prompts and questions, access to curated editorial community content, and most importantly — an ad-free private companion app for kids - "LifeArk Jr" where your children receive their posts at the age at which you choose.  

About the LifeArk team:

LifeArk was created by parents and family psychologists who understand the challenges facing modern families and came together to create a safe and ad-free space for families to connect and share love and life experience online. After years of research and focus group testing around the world, we are excited to release LifeArk to the public. This release is the first step in a larger roadmap aimed at strengthening family bonds in the digital age.

Email our Founder at to learn more.

The LifeArk Team


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